Farmavita Peroxide

Choosing the developer

Tone On Tone
  • should be used as activator for all demi colours as well as for toning highly sesnsitised hair
Creme Peroxide 10 Vol
  • to add reflect to dull hair
  • to tone pre-lightened hair
  • to deepen/darken colour
Creme Peroxide 20 Vol
  • to cover white hair
  • to lift natural hair up to 2 shades
  • to enhance reflect
Creme Peroxide 30 Vol
  • to lift natural hair up to 3 shades
  • to lighten resistant hair
  • to increase vibrancy
Creme Peroxide 40 Vol
  • to lift natural hair up to 4 shades
  • to be used with superlighteners for optimum results

Application Time

To achieve the best results and 100% white coverage, please allow 45 minutes processing time. If using heat accelerators during processing, please check after 25 minutes.

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