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B. Life Amonia Free: Enriched with Argan Oil for Brilliant Colours

We are thrilled to present the brand new, ammonia free colour range by Farmavita, B.life Ammonia Free with Argan Oil. Due to ever increasing demand, Farmavita have created a gentle ammonia free colour, enriched with Argan Oil. This is a very exciting development and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled by the quality of this this latest-technology Ammonia free colour.

B.life Amonia Free is a gentle, ammonia free, professional hair colouring cream, enriched with Argan Oil. The gentle cream contains conditioning and soothing components for full protection during the colouring process. The gentle formula is enriched with Argan Oil that softens, revitalises, moisturises and improves hair elasticity. The B.life formula contains the highest standard of ammonia free hair colouring cream, for multifaceted colour and a super natural look. Nourishing and protective properties penetrate the hair leaving it healthy, natural and full of shine.

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The new EXCELSA Hp Technology provides proper nourishment to restore the main hair components:
water, proteins, lipids.

To squeeze the tube you only need to press very lightly with your fingers.

The mixture of cream colour and peroxide can now be mixed very quickly. It takes one minute! The resulting mixture is very creamy and soft.

Barrier effect: more protection during the treatment. A new anti-irritation molecule creates a protective barrier for the skin and for treated hair, giving a soothing feeling during the application.

Extra shine: Thanks to its new base the colour results are more shiny and hair is softer.


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