Life Color Plus

Only available in 100ml




We use only high quality pigments to obtain a vibrant hair colour range

1. Intense repair and maximum protection to promote better colour penetration.
Low molecular weight oligopeptides are the product of gentle enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein rich Bertholletia Excelsa fruit. The small molecular size allows for better penetration through the hair fibre, and binds tightly to the hair proteins, which revitalizes and nourishes the hair from within.

2. Deep and lasting moisturizing.
The deep penetration through the hair fibre cuticle into the cortex, combined with the ability of these molecules to bind to water, provides lasting and deep moisturization. Moreover, it protects the hair against humidity, which makes it easier to style. The result is strong, shiny hair that is easy to comb.

3. Balanced formula: long lasting colour and 100% white coverage.
The interaction between moisturizing oligopeptides and high quality pigments results in brilliant and vibrant hair colours with an optimum degree of coverage (100% of white hair). The precise balancing of the formulation ensures stabilized colour, prevents fading and keeps the colour vibrant for longer. The base is enriched with a revolutionary raw material that absorbs and destroys the ammonia smell.


COVERAGE: 100% white hair coverage.

LIGHTENING: Up to 4-5 tones.

MIXTURE: Pour 50 ml of Life Color Plus into a plastic container and mix with 75 ml of Cream Developer at Tone on Tone, 20-30-40 vol. or with 100 ml at 40 vol. in case of super bleaching products. Mix Life Color Plus 1:1 with Cream Developer at Tone on Tone, 220-30-40 vol. to obtain a stronger colour.

RESULT: Maximum coverage and long lasting permanent hair colour. Brilliant shine and protection of hair, water, proteins, lipids.


The new EXCELSA Hp Technology provides proper nourishment to restore the main hair components:
water, proteins, lipids.

To squeeze the tube you only need to press very lightly with your fingers.

The mixture of cream colour and peroxide can now be mixed very quickly. It takes one minute! The resulting mixture is very creamy and soft.

Barrier effect: more protection during the treatment. A new anti-irritation molecule creates a protective barrier for the skin and for treated hair, giving a soothing feeling during the application.

No more ammonia smell: put a stop to annoying sensations due to ammonia for clients and operators. The disagreeable ammonia smell has been completely neutralized thanks to a revolutionary perfume-base that, instead of covering the ammonia smell, absorbs and completely destroys the ammonia odour.

Extra shine: Thanks to its new base the colour results are more shiny and hair is softer.


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