Located at 5 Hercules Street Tullamarine, VIC Australia

FARMAVITA is an Italian company set up in 1973 in Locate Varesino near Milan, Italy
FARMAVITA has been operating in the hair cosmetic markets for 30 years with an overwhelming priority: create high quality professional hair products.
FARMAVITA produces in its own plant equipped with the most modern bleeding and filling machineries and develops its products by formulating in its own R&D laboratory.
From the very beginning, FARMAVITA, has been vocated to develop the international market and it is now operating in over 40 countries.

FARMAVITA AUSTRALIA is a dynamic and progressive reality, constantly involved in guaranteeing the highest quality products possible because FARMAVITA is a full cycle industrial complex, able to develop and manage a product from its formulation to its shipment.

Farmavita Australia imports Farmavita products from Locate Varesino, Italy and distributes with care, all over Australia.